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Make a difference.

There is no question that youth today require exposure to STEM more now than ever. The Coding mania has the global attention and many countries are doing their part in promoting and preparing the next generation of innovators. With all the attention and hype, unfortunately, Canada still lacks in its schooling system to adequately provide quality STEM education. At best, certain pockets of education systems are benefitting while the rest are still in the dark.


It is with this dilemma that we have created the community outreach initiative in collaboration with Code-it Hacks Kids. We have conducted numerous small scale free coding events in Libraries across Ontario but time has come to take the next big step.


On March 3rd & 4th, we are hosted the first ever Raspberry Pi Jam event to mark the 6th birthday of the Raspberry Pi. The event was hosted in two parts: open to all and by invitation to underserved youth.  The objective of the event was to expose youth to Physical computing using Raspberry Pi and Python coding. The day was filled with exciting projects from flashing LED lights to sensor based parent detectors!


We are keen to support kids that cannot afford regular STEM education outside of school and give them an equitable opportunity to create interest in the fields of coding and robotics.




Our next Event is May 12th, 2018. The SCRATCH Day 2018 is focused on CODING. We will be using our play based and design thinking methodology to inspire youth to create amazing games and animation.

Code-it Hacks along with Next Pathway will be hosting youth from Dovercourt Boys and Girls club to this amazing event. 

There is an afternoon event open to all public.



How to Sponsor us?


This undertaking needs your support. We are reaching out to you to consider sponsoring our event. We are seeking a one-time donation of $7,500 to cover the cost of these 4 events. All the donation proceeds will be used only for event expenses.



Below are the details concerning this year’s sponsorship levels:

  • $2500 CAD – Platinum Exclusive sponsor.  Full Media coverage – Podium time to showcase your team and commitment to STEM education. Banner with your company name and recognition on our website.

  • $1500 CAD – Gold Sponsor: Banner with your company name and logo, social media coverage, recognition on our website.

  • $1000 CAD - Silver Sponsor: Sign with your company name and logo, social media acknowledgement, and recognition on our website.

  • $800 CAD - Bronze Sponsor: Social media acknowledgment. Recognition on our website.



Stand with us in preparing our youth for the best the future has to offer. If your Organization would like to participate in this year’s event as a sponsor, please contact me with the amount of your donation. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Shirin Merchant

Founder & Event Coordinator


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